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Minecraft Servers List

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: The game Minecraft is created by Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Website created and maintained by: The survival world is 1 big ocean with unlimited generating islands the size of 1 biome each.

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Boats are stronger than ever before! When you crash, your boat does not break into pieces, but maintains its shape. When you exit a boat, it pops back into your inventory, waiting to go on the next adventure! We also have the Jobs plugin, so its easy to be making money while mining, digging, farming, fishing, and much more! This server is know for its military style ranking system.

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Once you have enough money, you can upgrade to the next rank to unlock more Jobs, commands, and perks! If youe tired of spending all your money on ranks, you can visit Shop! The Shop has many different items you can buy, however, you cannot sell your items to the shop for money.

Конструктор Lele-My World (Minecraft) 6видов (прозрачные)(свет)(№33008)

The only way to make money is by your job, or trading with another player. The Spawn World has a lot of fun things to do, so make sure to check it out! You and your teammates will fight though waves of mobs, each wave harder than the last.

Свет ворлд майнкрафт

Every 10 waves, you earn a jackpot of gold and iron! When you get on, make sure to read the Rules and Info Book, if you want to get to know the ranks you can buy, type Warp Info. BBCode for your forum signature:

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