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23.07.2017 Minecraft

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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. It uses textures and ideas from the old moon mod, but I had to create most of the code from scratch.

I also added a lot of new features too!

Minecraft moon mod

The Minecraft Forum Thread for it can be found here. It looks just like Nether quartz except it is light blue. It can also be crafted into blocks and back into items just like Nether quartz. Used to set the landing coordinates of a rocket. A new space chestplate that can be fueled by pressing shift while holding gunpowder, and then flown by pressing shift while you are not holding gunpowder. New space boots that allow you to experience Earth gravity while you are on the Moon. Used to store mobs and place them later. They are VERY useful because you can use them to bring mobs to and from the moon AND anywhere else you can go.

Is required in the use of air tank fillers and can be used to load pressure creators. For filling closed spaces with breathable air. Can be loaded using a full air tank or air generator and activated with a redstone signal. It does make a fizz sound when activated by a redstone signal though. I also made orange regolith only generate on the surface and added an interesting surprise deep underground That covers found on the surface of the Moon and rare orange regolith that can be used to craft moon lamps.

Currently a block that can be found inside meteorites made by the meteor item. Spawns a moon crawler when broken. You can find on the Moon and craft into cheese slices.

Small blue alien creatures that can be found underground on the Moon. In the original moon mod, they were called "Moon UFOs". You can check out my current mod for Minecraft here: Its not a renewal if its for a pretty outdated version 1.

I like the textures, tho the variety of them is kind of small. Also I would suggest you change the underground world generation to something a bit more, moony is that even a word? Will be required to use air tank fillers. Because moon tent functionality will require a lot of work and other new features, it is now planned for version 1.

To see how to build the rocket just use the rocket core on creative mode and take a good look at the rocket it creates. Also note that my past two posts the repeats are a glitch.

Placing the core down in creative does not build a rocket, it just places the single rocket core block. This mod is now being updated to Minecraft 1. This may take a while though, so please be patient Minecraft Forums Twitter Facebook Youtube Advanced Search. Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Modding Minecraft Mods Moon Mod Renewal. A rocket used to get to the moon. Moon Crawlers in their natural habitat. Block of Aluminum Aluminum Ingot Aluminum Plated Wood Planks Shapeless Crafting Recipe Reinforced Wool Redstone Wool Compressed Reinforced Wool Block of Cheese Cheese Slices Rocket Core Moon Tent Moon Lamp Air Tank Air Generator Air Tank Filler Pressure Creator Mob Container Memory Card Shapeless Crafting Recipe Mini Boosters Space Helmet Space Chestplate Space Leggings Space Boots EVA Pack Gravity Boots.

The dimension added by this mod. Big dents in the ground that can be found on the surface of the Moon. You can smelt into aluminum ingots that you can use to craft many things. The kind of block meteorites made by the meteor item are made of. Can be used as a light source other than torches or glowstone. For creating a rocket and going to the Moon. Currently does not do anything but will in a future version.

For surviving on the surface of the Moon. You can throw to create a large meteorite. Can only be obtained in creative mode. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack.

Minecraft moon mod

A feature coming in the next version Finished Unfinished -Updated to 1. You need to build the entire rocket to use the rocket core now. I just added instructions on how to build the rocket to the main post. Here are two previews of coming features: A new space chestplate and new space boots. Going deep underground is about to get way less boring Anyways, this mod will probably be fully updated to Minecraft 1. Curse Facebook Twitter Youtube Newsletter Mass Effect: Andromeda Sign In Register Careers Help Mass Effect: Andromeda Skills About Curse Advertise Terms of Service Privacy Policy Zelda Wiki Copyright , Curse Inc.

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