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Absent Friends sees the Doctor, Liv and Helen arrive in , just as mobile phones are becoming popular. I got my first one in , in my final year at university. At the time we phone-owners, pioneers in many ways, were still in the minority and I remember some of my friends questionning why I would ever need one.

Doom Coalition 3 Review

It feels exhausting now just thinking about contacting people or organising anything without one. The rise of the mobile phone industry is something that Doctor Who would probably have used if the series had still been on the air in In that story the Master says that humanity has a basic weakness which he intends to exploit — presumably meaning our love of free shit. Dorney has crafted a relatively low-key story that packs significant emotional weight. Investigating the device that caused trouble in Calcot, the Doctor, Liv and Helen then separate to pursue different enquiries across different time periods.

The Eighth Piece and The Doomsday Chronometer form a two-parter, both written by Matt Fitton. Like the Doomsday Chronometer of the title, the tale that unfolds is an intricate puzzle which is gradually revealed across the different locations. Identity, and mistaken identity, is such a theme here that as soon as I finished the box set, I went back and listened from disc two onwards again to see what clues I had missed. We meet a new rogue Time Lord, the Clocksmith, and an intriguing new alien race called the Solvers.

The Doctor says he had always thought Solvers were a Gallifreyan myth. Given their prevalence in his adventures, I think at this point it would be safe enough for him to assume that all his childhood folktales are actually true.

Doom Coalition 3

Disc three ends on a great cliff-hanger which John Dorney returns to pick up in The Crucible of Souls. This finale takes an idea used in a Fifth Doctor television story and mines it for a great, fun, dark episode. We finally learn the nature of the eponymous Doom Coalition, and neither it, nor their plan, disappoint.

Hopefully he will be back for the fourth box set, and it would be fantastic to see him in the TV series. At one point she mentions how many Time Lords are around, having grown up believing there was only one left. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Doom coalition 3

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Doom coalition 3

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