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Midnight Castle Walkthrough & Cheats

Pets are a lot of fun in Midnight Castle. The first Pet is given as part of a programmed event to open the Pet function when the Player hits the right level. After that, the Player can hatch Pets from the appropriate Egg, as long as all the conditions for that hatching are met. Conditions for hatching each Pet can be found in the Pets Tab in the Laboratory Player Window. It is possible to get a Snow Griffin Egg from the Fortune Wheel, but a Player can have only one Pet of each type at a time.

Often Players will help other Players by gifting Pet Eggs. Check out the Midnight Castle Forum and the Midnight Castle Facebook page for threads asking for or offering Pet Eggs. There is not any way currently for a PC player to gift to an iPad Player or vice versa. Pet Food drops once in a while from solving Hidden Object Puzzles, can be found on the Fortune Wheel, and is a reward for sending Airships.

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There are four types of Pet Food and each Pet has a preference. There seems to be a correlation between which Pet Food a Pet consumes and the quality of the Treasure Chest he or she finds.

Midnight Castle Pets

Pets bring back Treasure Chests when they are fed and sent on a mission. The four types of Treasure Chests are:.

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Midnight Castle - A Hidden Object Mystery Game Cheats for iPhone - iPad

Midnight Castle Hidden Object Puzzles HOP Browse Midnight Castle Pets Broken Carriage Broken Well Crypt Belfry. Wiki Activity Random page Videos Images. Midnight Castle Pets , Midnight Castle Characters , Midnight Castle Areas , and 4 more Midnight Castle Hidden Object Puzzles HOP Midnight Castle Quests Midnight Castle Credits Midnight Castle Game Table. Pets Pets are a lot of fun in Midnight Castle. Snow Griffin - This sweet nestling makes for a loving pet.

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